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Moscow: opening of the exhibition dedicated to architect Nikolay Petrovich Krasnov
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altThe exhibition dedicated to the great Russian architect Nikolay Petrovich Krasnov, marking 80 years since his death, was opened at the House of Russia Abroad, which was named after Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, in Moscow, on 13 December.
It featured sketches of the most significant works of architecture and watercolor paintings by Krasnov, who worked on designing and building the most important state buildings, churches and memorials in Serbia. At the opening of the exhibition, Malta and Serbia were given an honorary status considering that, once he had left Russia following the October Revolution, Krasnov spent the rest of his life abroad in Malta and Serbia, where he lived until his death in 1939.
A documentary film on Krasnov was screened featuring also the recent unveiling of the monument, dedicated to this great architect, in Little Tasmajdan park in Belgrade.
Director of the House of Russia Abroad Viktor Moskvin; Director of the Department for International Relations, Tatjana Irinarhova; the Museum Curator in Livadia, Irina Fomina; and, special guests - Malta's Ambassador to Russia, Pierre Clive Agius and Minister Counselor at the Serbian Embassy in Russia, Slavoljub Caric, addressed the attendees at the opening of the exhibition.
Minister Counselor Caric, paying tribute to Krasnov, listed his most important works of architecture in Belgrade – the Government building, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Archive of Serbia, the Bridge of King Aleksandar I and many more. The TV channel Russian K broadcasted his speech during its cultural program.
At the official exhibition opening, artist Viktor Leonidov performed the song "Serbia" which portrays the story of the Russian cadets who stayed in Bela Crkva and Serbia in the period between the two World Wars.