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General Directorate for Multilateral Cooperation
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The General Directorate for Multilateral Cooperation is one of tha main directorates of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, tasked with following and giving focus to Serbia's activities in international organizations.
Serbia is a member of a large number of international organizations, bodies and conventions, from those of a global-political character, such as the United Nations, financial (IMF and WB) to professional-technical (International Organization for Sugar, International Organization for Mobile Satellites, etc.). In addition to international organizations, the General Directorate is charged, among others, with following other multilateral activities in which the R. of Serbia participates.

The main objectives in the field of multilateral activities are:

  • active participation in the work of international organizations of which the R. of Serbia is a member, in accordance with its foreign-policy priorities;
  • strengthening of multilateralism by making concrete contribution to the solving of present-day problems such as climate change, combating terrorism, sustainable development, energy problems, etc.;
  • protection of sovereignty and territorial integrity of the R. of Serbia and finding a compromise solution regarding Kosovo and Metohija by winning the broadest possible support to the positions of the R. of Serbia at multilateral gatherings;
  • promotion of the R. of Serbia aimed at attracting foreign investments, developing tourism and improving the country's prestige in the world at large;
  • election of the R. of Serbia and its representatives to the main bodies of international organizations.

The General Directorate is made up of:

  1. Directorate for the United Nations tasked with following, through the permanent missions of the R. of Serbia in New York, Geneva and Vienna, the work of the main bodies of the United Nations, the General Assembly and its committees, the Security Council, ECOSOC, numerous UN specialized agencies (WHO, ILO, INTERPOL), as well as of other international organizations and initiatives (Non-Aligned Movement, Civilizations Alliance, Commonwealth of Democracies). The Section entrusted with the task of cooperating with the UN Mission in Kosovo and Metohija (UNMIK) has been set up as a special part of the Directorate. The activities related to the participation of our representatives in UN peace-keeping missions are pursued in cooperation with the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Serbia has its representatives in 6 UN peace-keeping missions: Liberia, Lebanon, Haiti, DR Congo, Ivory Coast and Cyprus. The Directorate follows, through the Permanent Delegation of the R. of Serbia to UNESCO in Paris, the work of this organization whose special importance is reflected in its activities in the field of the protection of Serbian cultural heritage in Kosovo and Metohija.

  2. Directorate for OSCE and the Council of Europe coordinates participation in, and follows the activities of the OSCE, CE and their related bodies and institutions via the Permanent Missions of the Republic of Serbia in Vienna and Strasbourg, in cooperation with the missions of these organizations in the Republic of Serbia.

  3. Directorate for Economic Multilateral Cooperation charged with following the activities of international financial organizations (IMF, the World Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the European Investment Bank and OECD, specialized UN agencies (ITU, UPU, UNWTO, WIPO, ICAO and WMO), numerous professional organizations, the Organization for Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC) and the Danube Commission. The Directorate also oversees the process aimed at the accession ofthe R. of Serbia to the World Trade Organization;

  4. Directorate for Human Rights and Protection of the Environment is tasked with following the activities of the R. of Serbia in these fields at the international level, as well as the activities related to the protection and strengthening the rights of our minorities in other countries. Special emphasis is placed on the UN Council for Human Rights and the activities of the R. of Serbia in the Third Committee of the UNGA, international organizations concerned with the problem of refugees and migrations, etc. (IOM, the Red Cross).The Directorate also follows the work of numerous organizations and bodies concerned with the environment, in particular with the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, the Kyoto Protocol and the International Panel on Climate Change;

  5. Commission of the R. of Serbia for the Implementation of the Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Stock-piling and Use of Chemical Weapons and Their Destruction coordinates the work of the competent institutions aimed at fulfilling the obligations under the Convention, and cooperates with the organs of the OPCW in The Hague.