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Community programmes
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By taking part in the Community programmes, which represent an important instrument of the EU enlargement policy, the Republic of Serbia builds and improves its technical and administrative capacities to prove its preparedness for EU membership and to enable the implementation of sectoral EU policies.

Within the previous EU Budget (2007–2013), Serbia participated in a large number of EU programmes while the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) evaluated Serbia's participation in these programmes. In the new 2014-2020 EU Budget, Serbia has continued to participate in the Community programmes.

The Republic of Serbia actively participated in the following Community programmes, under the EU Budget for 2007-2013:
According to Swedish SIDA, 700 project proposals were funded from the EU programmes in the above-stated period in Serbia, and the total value of projects chiefly managed by the Serbian institutions amounted to EUR 84.5 million. According to estimates, total financial gain from Serbia's participation in the EU programmes is at least EUR 65.2 million. Youth, students, scientists, youth centres, theatres, universities, faculties, schools, scientific institutes, hospitals, libraries, regional development agencies, local self-government bodies, NGOs, SMEs, public and private enterprises, ministries and the tax and customs administration employees were the beneficiaries of EU programmes in the above-mentioned period.

When it comes to the new 2014-2020 EU Budget, Serbia has started to participate in the following Community programmes:
Serbia has also shown an interest in or is at various stages of negotiating its participation in other Community programmes as well: Customs 2020, Fiscalis 2020, Competitiveness of Enterprises and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (COSME), Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI).