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Tokyo: Photographic exhibition “Walking Belgrade”
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An exhibition of photographs from the "Walking Belgrade" serial by Branko Brandajs, a photographer and artist, presenting the capital of Serbia, was officially inaugurated at the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Tokyo. This exhibition was jointly organized by our Embassy and the Association of Artists and Art Lovers of the "Wide Trail" from Zemun, financially supported by the Association for the Advancement of Music Cooperation between Japan and Serbia, headed by the spouse of the former Ambassador of Japan in Belgrade, Mrs. Ecuko Cunozaki. The artist, together with President of the Association "Wide Trail" Bosko Djurickovic, thanked the guests for great interest in this exhibition, as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for its support.

The Japanese band "JapaLkan" enriched the official opening by its music but also featured Serbian songs "Mars na Drinu", "Ajde Jano", "Djurdjevdan", "April u Beogradu" and many others.

Guests who "walked" the streets of Belgrade at this exhibition were served Serbian wines and Serbian culinary delights, as well as brandy.
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