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Skoplje: Republic of Serbia’s Statehood Day commemorated
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dan d_skopljeOn February 15, 2016, the Embassy of the Republic of Serbiain Skopje, Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Serbiain Bitola and fashion store "Mona" from Belgrade organized the formal commemoration on the occasion of Sretenje – the Statehood Day of the Republicof Serbia, at the Macedonian National Theatre in Skopje.

The formal commemoration of the Statehood Day of the Republic of Serbia was attended by more than 600 guests, among whom were the President of Macedonia's Assembly, Trajko Veljanovski, Macedonian Ministers Oliver Spasovski, Elizabeta Kancevska-Milevska and Frosina Tasevska-Remenski, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Dragana Kiprijanovska, representatives of the diplomatic corps and numerous prominent individuals from the political, cultural and public sphere of Macedonia. The representatives of Serbs in Macedonian authorities attended the commemoration, along with the presidents of Serbian associations in Macedonia. Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia to Macedonia Dusanka Divjak Tomic addressed the guests with an appropriate speech, while, in the cultural segment of the programme performed Principal Opera Artist of the National Theatre Professor Oliver Njego, accompanied on the piano by Professor Nikola Rackov, the choir "Daskal" of the Pedagogical Faculty from Vranje, and the Principal Drama Artist of the Belgrade National Theatre, Lepomir Ivkovic. The second segment of the programme presented a thematic collection of the fashion store "Mona", named "Star Gate". This cultural event received great attention of not only Macedonian, but also Serbian media.

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