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Ljubica VasicAt the invitation of the city of Smederevo, Assistant Foreign Minister Ljubica Vasic attended the opening of the Smederevo Business Forum, today. Welcoming those present, Assistant Foreign Minister Vasic underlined the importance of our country's foreign policy priorities for cooperation with its neighbors, in the region and in the European integration process. In this context, she stressed the importance that Smederevo be included in these processes with appropriate activities and specific projects within the EU Danube Strategy, taking into account the geostrategic position of Smederevo situated at Corridors 7 (Danube) and 10 and its economic, cultural, tourist and other potentials. Expressing a desire for success of the Forum, she reiterated the readiness of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to assist and support, within its competence, the activities and projects of Smederevo.