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Statement by Foreign Minister Ivan Mrkic on EU opening negotiations with Serbia
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Ivan Mrkic„The decision is precisely what I have expected. It means full confirmation that Serbia is pursuing a responsible policy and that the Government and President of Serbia Tomislav Nikolic are leading their people into safe and prosperous times. I am pleased, in particular, with the text of the conclusions because I have been expecting it for a long time and about which I have informed our public. Serbia has, at long last, embarked upon the processes that are irreversible and through which it will become one of the most attractive countries in this part of Europe. It should, by no means, be overlooked that we have succeeded in securing the present and the future for our fellow Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija while leaving scope for friendship with our Albanian neighbours and all other peoples in the region we live in, who are very close to us. In this way, Serbia has been recognized by its future European family, whose values and aspirations it truly shares.