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Mrkic sure of the date in June, there is no "black news" in sight
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XSI109-mSerbian Foreign Minister Ivan Mrkic is confident that Serbia will have a date to open its accession negotiations with the EU, in June.
In his statement to Tanjug, Mrkic underlined the responsible approach of Serbia as positively assessed by the EU institutions and member states, including the German Bundestag.
"Of course, Serbia is waiting for the decision of the European Council; it should be made by end-June, maybe on St. Vitus Day, and we expect it to be positive," said Mrkic.
He reflected that some media outlets reported that everything about the date was in doubt or saying that Serbia would be given the green light for the date, which showed "insufficient knowledge about the situation and all that has happened in recent weeks."
Asked if he had advance knowledge as to the mood prevailing in the Bundestag, given that Germany insisted that prior to the European Council making any decision, initial steps had to be taken in the implementation of the Brussels agreement, Mrkic said: "One can implement an agreement if all parties to it are intent to do so. For our part, we are doing that. And it is definitely something that is looked upon in a very positive light. "
Asked whether the same assessments were shared by the German Parliament, Mrkic answered: "Yes, I am sure that they are shared by the Bundestag, as well."
He recalled that the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs initiated a procedure in which people from Chancellor Merkel's office took part too.
"Everything is on schedule. I don't see any black news on the horizon and I don't understand why there's so much anxiety."
Mrkic also dismissed that the Bundestag decision depended on a visit by a German MP.
"That it depends on the visit of a German MP is absolutely untrue. It is normal that Bundestag MPs will come to Belgrade, so will the others. However, everything is going on in the best possible way. We talk to everyone. There is no new blackmail or conditions attached. In fact, I believe that there has been no blackmail so far", pointed out the Serbian Foreign Minister.
As he put it, joining a club implies that one behaves in a certain way.

"We are doing this because we estimate that it is in our best interest. I believe things are going well for us," reiterated the Minister.
He observed that there was a lot of confusion over this issue: "It's the 'green light' thing that I don't understand one little bit. I know that on June 28 we will have a decision on the date for opening negotiations with the EU for Serbia's full membership. I am making a guess, though I don't like to do that, and I am speaking as a citizen now, but we'll all see what will come of it on 28 June. There should be no psychosis created around it", emphasized Mrkic.
The Serbian Foreign Minister underlined that all the assessments which Serbia had received so far were very positive for our country and that's because "we act responsibly and all we have agreed upon – we implement."
"And all that we agree upon is very much in our interest", he added.
When asked about his expectations of a joint letter from EU High Representative Catherine Ashton and EU Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fuele, for the EU Member States, due on 18 June, Mrkic said: "I expect all the best."
He announced an intensive diplomatic activity over the next month, saying that Belgrade would be visited by Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk, on Monday, and that a visit of Greek Foreign Minister Dimitris Avramopoulos was expected, as well as of Italian Foreign Minister Emma Bonino. He himself, in his words, would soon pay a visit to Portugal.