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On the eve of departure for Brussels: Praise coming from all sides
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slikacitava.phpSerbian Foreign Minister Ivan Mrkic stated for B92, on the eve of his departure for Brussels, that he did not expect Catherine Ashton to require urgent implementation of the Brussels agreement. 

Asked what was expected of Serbia a month before the EU's decision on giving Serbia the date for commencing EU membership talks, Mrkic said that, so far, Serbia had done so much that he absolutely did not expect Brussels to pose any new conditions. 

According to him, the requests made to Serbia regarding Kosovo, so far, should not necessarily be interpreted as a demand, but rather as the need to stabilize the region, which Serbia has been doing by stabilizing the region and the respective relations.

"Our goals are ever more clear; we are not trying to hide them, and that is being met with approval not only in Europe, but elsewhere as well. A few days ago, we attended the African Union Summit and Serbia's foreign policy was commended from all over," Mrkic stressed.

Asked what would be the focus of Serbia's foreign policy in the coming days - the EU or implementation of the agreement on the ground, he said that the Serbian Government made it clear to the EU that it had accepted the implementation plan and that the process was now on-going.

"As regards foreign policy, there are no changes; everything is being done in a standardized format, in accordance with the set priorities and main objectives. At this moment, I cannot single out anything in particular for the coming period, which could be understood as a special type of activity. Therefore, we are moving along as before", Foreign Minister said.

Speaking about the forthcoming dinner to be hosted by the EU High Representative in Brussels, Mrkic said that he expected "a good atmosphere, and much interest in ways in which the region could now be characterized, following all the activities that have been implemented by our Government."

"I do not expect Ashton to request urgent implementation, since such plan cannot be implemented overnight, because the mindset of people cannot be changed by decree. It is important that we sincerely deliver on what has been agreed, and that it be in the interest of those concerned. I do not expect any panic or hastiness on the part of Lady Ashton," Mrkic said.