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EU Ministers to discuss EC recommendation in June
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slikaaaaThe EU Foreign Ministers assessed the Belgrade-Pristina agreement as a historical one and announced that they will address the European Commission's recommendation to open accession negotiations with Serbia again in June, it was announced after the meeting of the European Council in Luxembourg. Meanwhile, the focus will be on the implementation of the Belgrade-Pristina agreement.
"So far we have received only the initial reaction to the report as it was presented only today, and Ministers did not have time to consult with their capitals," said Council President Eamon Gilmore. He said that as the report was presented this morning, only initial reactions were available, and asked what they were and whether a positive or negative attitude prevailed he said that the word "historic" was used in the discussion. "The feeling is that the agreement is historic and that it changes the perspective. It is positive both for Kosovo and Serbia, and many compliments were said," added Gilmore. He explained that the member states will consider the agreement before June at the working level and monitor the implementation. "We will review the reports on Serbia, Kosovo and Macedonia before we take any further steps in June," said Gilmore. European Commissioner for Enlargement Stefan Fule expressed the expectation that the implementation of the agreement would begin, adding that the continued support of the member states will be focused precisely to the process. "This is a landmark agreement and it would not have been possible to reach it had it not been for the courage of the two Prime Ministers," said Fule pointing out that the Commission recommended opening of negotiations for Serbia and that Serbia complied with the political criteria. File sent a message to Kosovo Serbs that "They take the time and carefully read the agreement."
"The agreement reached fully respects the rights and interests of people living in northern Kosovo and not only them," emphasized Fule.