New York: Conference on Tesla gathers devotees at New Yorker Hotel
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altThe 8th conference devoted to Nikola Tesla was held at New Yorker Hotel on 11 January, organized by the Tesla Science Foundation in Philadelphia and in cooperation with the Consulate General of the Republic of Serbia in New York. This year's conference marked the 10th Anniversary of the Tesla Science Foundation. The conference had a live coverage. Nikola Tesla's devotees, who come from various fields, such as science, education, art and entrepreneurship, gathered on this occasion.
President of the Tesla Science Foundation Nikola Loncar and Acting Consul General Olgica Vlacic addressed the attendees at the start of the conference. Drawing attention to the status of Tesla in Serbia, as the world's great scientist, Vlacic noted with regret that Tesla was forgotten, even in his lifetime, in the United States - country where he spent almost 60 years of his life and achieved greatest successes as a scientist and inventor. She highlighted that the mission of all the attendees was to right the historical injustice and do everything in their power to ensure that Tesla would not only become part of the history of American science, but also of modern public awareness.
Since 2010, the Foundation has been working to promote our scientist and his work, with the aim of inscribing his name among the greatest Americans who significantly contributed to the field of science and technology. Ever since the conference's inception in 2013, the New York Consulate General has supported the activities of the Foundation and participated in co-financing conferences which traditionally bring together Tesla's devotees.